Stephen Johanns

Rookie (Dec.23,1990 A.D. / Montarey, CA)

Biography of Stephen Johanns

I live in northern Iowa with my adoptive family and biological brothers and sister. I am a Senior in high school who has seen some of the worst sides of the human condition; from drug addictions (my real parents) , to physical and phycological abuse. I have loved and lost, loved again and lost yet again. I developed a love for reading at an early age as an escape from reality, then reading poetry more recently and more recently still have decided to take a stab at poetry writing itself, drawing on past experiences for inspireation. But enough of my depressed past and run-on sentences, leta get to the poetry.

Stephen Johanns's Works:

I have one published in the Fall '08 anthology A Celebration of Poets Updates


It is oppressing,
Like looming thunderheads.
It is painful,
Like a blade across skin.
It is overwhelming,
Like a massive tsunami.
It tears and rends,
Like an angry beast.
But it is not invincible.
It is fear.

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