Stephen Katona

Silver Star - 4,118 Points (26th November 1970 / Manchester, UK)

Stephen Katona Poems

41. Ginny The Cat Rescuer 7/1/2014
42. A Rabbit Dances For An Ambulance. 6/11/2014
43. A Wholphin's Song 6/10/2014
44. Moko Saves Two Pygmy Sperm Whales 5/29/2014
45. The Seal That Loves To Surf 10/12/2014
46. Christian The Lion 11/3/2014
47. Miracles Happen 8/5/2015
48. Good Luck Charldré 5/31/2016
49. The Bumble Bee And Eyebright. 9/7/2016
50. My Queen And Her Cats 9/10/2016
51. Hammock Heaven 9/10/2016
52. Midnight Prank 6/12/2017
53. Daisy The Cow Enjoys Life 9/10/2017
54. The Seagull That Turned Into A Crow 9/10/2017
55. A Giant House Spider's Plea For Romance 11/2/2017
56. An Orangutan's Plea 8/15/2014
57. A Blobfish Says, 'Ask How Your Fish Were Caught' 7/21/2014
58. Fishing With Dolphins In Quandamooka 6/8/2014
59. Fungie And The Cormorant 6/4/2014
60. Pelorus Jack And His Knack 6/4/2014
61. Blue The Gladiator 5/31/2014
62. Daughter Of Sunshine 6/25/2014
63. A Busy Mind Is A Really Happy Mind. 1/29/2016
64. The Chicken Chicken 6/2/2015
65. An Aye Aye Decides To Say No No 7/23/2014
66. To Teleport Or Not To Teleport 8/7/2014
67. Napoleon Rescues Six Kittens 5/30/2014
68. A Liger's Pride 6/11/2014
69. My Marriage Vows 3/24/2015
70. A Beaver's Bank 9/23/2014
71. Preston's Champ 12/19/2014
72. Koko Asks For A Kitten 6/10/2014
73. The Dolphin Rider 6/5/2014
74. The Dolphin And The Diver 1/15/2014
75. Thirty Dolphins Came Ashore 5/30/2014
76. Lambs Queue For A Funny Sort Of Ewe 7/8/2014
77. A Fox In Leeds With Unusual Needs. 10/2/2014
78. The Lament Of A Nosy Leech 10/14/2014
79. Slug Surprise 6/12/2017
80. Leisure (A Positive Version Of The Poem By William Henry Davies) 8/4/2014

Comments about Stephen Katona

  • Valsa George Valsa George (5/1/2015 1:35:00 AM)

    Whenever I think of rhyming poetry, I think of Stephen Katona's sweetly rhyming verse. His poems, mostly on animals make me think of the illustrious 'animal poet'... Ted Hughes' poems. Stephen has created a parallel world of animals where they are understanding, clever, compassionate and intelligent as human beings. His poems are simple and sweet, enriched with positivity and edifying thoughts. Besides being a poet, he is a born cartoonist. I wish him greater success in the ensuing years!

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Best Poem of Stephen Katona

Spider In My Pencil Case

From a group of boys,
Came excited jabbering noise.
In the corner of the playground,
There was something they had found.
A boy called Tom poked it with a stick,
Watching made me feel quite sick.
I could see it was a baby spider,
My first thought was to hide her.
I cupped her in my hands,
And resisted all the boys demands,
Firmly saying 'no,
I'll never let her go! '
She tickled my palm,
Glad to be safe from harm.
I thought hard about a hiding place,
Then dropped her in my pencil case.
From that day on she was my pet.
I kept her safe ...

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Fungie And The Cormorant

A dolphin lost his wife,
The love of his life.
In Dingle Bay.
He chose to stay.

Fungie was his name,
His play brought fame,
But he felt all alone,
With his sweetheart flown.

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