Stephen Katona

Silver Star - 4,118 Points (26th November 1970 / Manchester, UK)

Stephen Katona Poems

81. A Hound Keeps Hope Alive 6/27/2014
82. Raju's Remarkable Rescue 7/11/2014
83. The Bear And The Crow 8/27/2014
84. Why Did The Chicken Cross The Playground? 6/2/2015
85. The Squirrel That Loves Potato Chips (Crisps) 5/18/2015
86. The Frog And The Tarantula 5/20/2016
87. A Mother's Devotion 9/29/2014
88. Princess The Orangutan 9/24/2014
89. Let Go Of The Fear 8/8/2014
90. A Quokka And Quail Quiz Night 6/14/2014
91. The Weasel And The Woodpecker 3/18/2015
92. Smart Phone Zombie 5/20/2015
93. The Spider Saver 11/2/2017
94. A Parrot Saves Five Puppies 7/2/2014
95. Giving Time 5/30/2014
96. Meditating With A Dandelion 5/13/2015
97. Hansel And Gretel 8/2/2014
98. Paul The Octopus And His World Cup Success 6/17/2014
99. A Real Sheep-Dog 3/18/2015
100. Two Unlikely Friends 3/18/2015
101. A Horseshoe Rescue 6/6/2014
102. Snails Keep Away! 3/27/2015
103. The Bravest Animal I Know. 1/21/2015
104. I'M A Clever Crow 1/20/2015
105. Please See Your Bright Future 3/20/2015
106. The Broken Hearted 3/25/2015
107. A Dolphin's Dreams 6/9/2014
108. The Tortoise And The Hare Race Again 8/5/2014
109. A Smile Is A Wonderful Gift 6/20/2014
110. Before I Go, Before You Go. 7/5/2014
111. Pink Pyjama Party? 7/10/2014
112. Koko's Poem For Robin Williams 8/12/2014
113. A World Without Plastic 8/5/2014
114. The Zonkey And The Grolar Bear 6/11/2014
115. Spider In My Pencil Case 3/18/2015

Comments about Stephen Katona

  • Valsa George Valsa George (5/1/2015 1:35:00 AM)

    Whenever I think of rhyming poetry, I think of Stephen Katona's sweetly rhyming verse. His poems, mostly on animals make me think of the illustrious 'animal poet'... Ted Hughes' poems. Stephen has created a parallel world of animals where they are understanding, clever, compassionate and intelligent as human beings. His poems are simple and sweet, enriched with positivity and edifying thoughts. Besides being a poet, he is a born cartoonist. I wish him greater success in the ensuing years!

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Best Poem of Stephen Katona

Spider In My Pencil Case

From a group of boys,
Came excited jabbering noise.
In the corner of the playground,
There was something they had found.
A boy called Tom poked it with a stick,
Watching made me feel quite sick.
I could see it was a baby spider,
My first thought was to hide her.
I cupped her in my hands,
And resisted all the boys demands,
Firmly saying 'no,
I'll never let her go! '
She tickled my palm,
Glad to be safe from harm.
I thought hard about a hiding place,
Then dropped her in my pencil case.
From that day on she was my pet.
I kept her safe ...

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Fungie And The Cormorant

A dolphin lost his wife,
The love of his life.
In Dingle Bay.
He chose to stay.

Fungie was his name,
His play brought fame,
But he felt all alone,
With his sweetheart flown.

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