stephen morris

Rookie (Derbyshire / United Kingdom)

Biography of stephen morris

Once a hell-raiser but now a Husband in love with life.
Hard times behind us and yet to come we have endured many of the things that people only read about yet we still have faith in the lord.
Having been a builder most of my life ihave found that being a sculpture is a release from reality, Art is not only in the written word but the visual as well. Updates


</>The light, where does the light go, on this dull and god forsaken night,
they fall so gently, they sway to and fro, the leaves of natures delight.
A window is the portal to another life outside, another world to behold,
but you sit and stare, you look elsewhere, outside seems way to cold.
You drift away to pastures new, where no one else has seen,
the pleasures that are here for you, your the cat that got the cream.
The worn and seasoned wood beneith your head can comfort give,

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