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Stephen Parker Poems

1. Planted Seed 4/12/2013
2. Dawn Awakes My Love 4/12/2013
3. Paparazzi 4/12/2013
4. Soothing, Shore Breeze 4/12/2013
5. Dormant Seed 4/16/2013
6. After The Rain 4/16/2013
7. Traveling Ancient Roads 4/16/2013
8. Mythical Crow 4/16/2013
9. Love Eclipsed By Time 4/16/2013
10. Forsaken Soul Serenaded 4/16/2013
11. Growing Child Matures 4/16/2013
12. Perfume: Entrancing Vapor From Nature's Tap 4/22/2013
13. Dormant Mind Sprouts Life 5/7/2013
14. War Memorial: Youthful Eyes; Elder's Vision 5/7/2013
15. Mind's Furnished Rooms 5/8/2013
16. Sketching Nature's Portrait 5/8/2013
17. Repentance 5/15/2013
18. Streaming Video: Beam Up My Loved Ones 6/7/2013
19. Undeveloped Love 6/26/2014
20. Weeping Cherry Tree 4/18/2013
21. Bipolar Raindrops 4/16/2013

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Best Poem of Stephen Parker

Bipolar Raindrops

Raindrops pattering cadence doth enthrall
Anon, dripping residue with discordant notes pall

Rhythm of tapping droplets cerebral chords trawl
Guttural chorus of pinging beats on nerve ends crawl

Continuous drizzle a soothing, therapeutic waterfall
Nauseating dribble an agitating, redundant catcall

Scintillating sprinkles glisten on translucent wall
Spitting pellets congeal into hazy, brackish squall

Frothy mist of cooling vapor wraps cleansing shawl
Briny streams with transparent acid stealthily maul

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In brokered spaces hangs a clammy chill
That gawkers with heightened senses distill
With stealth, guile, avarice and pawned skill
Around unsuspecting celebs their viruses congeal
Intimate and carefree moments quarantined in a still
Tendered seconds stolen by each, maverick shill
Plundered with a ravenous, rapacious thrill
Each grainy visage paying the stalker's, truant bill
Malleable fodder placed in the public's, greedy til

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