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I am a 52 year old Comedy Poet. Much in life amuses me, and I often find myself committing what I see into rhyme. My poetry tends to have an 'earthy quality' which may originate from a life time of living on Merseyside in England. I am by definition a 'Liverpudlian'. Apparently we have the unique ability to laugh at ourselves before others. Looking at most of us, I can see why that would be the case. Liverpool has recently held the prestigeous title of 'European Capital of Culture'. I doubt you will see much of that in the writings of Stephen J Stirk Esquire. I am a semi retired member of the Civil Service, and spent much of my career in the Magisterial Service as a manager. I feel that it was this period in my life that tempered my wit in the fires of sarcasm and cynicism. In hindsight I was probably better suited to be a Blacksmith than an Administrator of Justice. I am married with three beautiful little children aged 24,22 and 18. This is a standard phrase which I am sure is used by most parents to describe their offspring. The reality would be unprintable. The people and places of Merseyside provide the settings for much of my writing and inspiration. I pride myself in selecting subject matter which is so diverse that nobody else would think of it. I never see people for who or what they are. Character assassination is far more fun

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Round Corners

In a part of this great universe
A planet that I’ve found
Has four secreted corners
Despite the fact it’s round

In the corner of this planet
In a corner of the land
There’s a little girl named Janet
In this corner she will stand