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Pianist and budding poet my writings are very informal trivial diversions for me aimed suited mainly for those learning English.Reading them will basically introduce a variety of the English spelling.I do pay attention to the spelling and try to make words rhyme to make the poem flow.There is little to no thought or attention to meter finer details etc.They are mostly spontaneously written then posted then edited or deleted.The more benign and vaccuous ones i tend to keep online as suitable for readers of all ages and unoffensive.thank you for reading have a nice day and of course. Enjoy. Updates


Smuggling spiders are you mad
Your on your own goodbye, i, m glad
Safe to say it wasn, t me, I, d rather sit and feed a bee
Feed it pollen from the Korean Times
A Korean Bee as nice as me
But i, m not nice and nor is he, smuggling spiders glory be.
Their the kind eat birds for tea, oh no no no no not me.

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