Stephen Sz.

Rookie (9/19/1991)

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I'd like some constructive criticism. Not that I don't appreciate the good things that have been said. :) I write about what I'm thinking of. Speaking of what I think... I believe the best thing that could happen to one of my poems is that someone actually prints it out and hangs it in their house or, someone memorizes one... That would be, amazing. But, that's probably just 'wishful thinking.' Hmm... Let's see, I'm eighteen years old... I love rock music, Skillet, Hollywood Undead, White Zombie... tons of others too... Meh, don't know what else to say right now, undoubtedly I'll think of something later when I can't get on, I'll see about writing more some other time. Updates

The One

The one I want, the one I need
the one I seek, the one I love.

The one that understands,
compromises and cares.

The one in a billion chance
to find that single person.

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