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1. This Is What It Sounds Like When I Cry Rain 1/20/2008
2. Oh Lord Please 5/8/2008
3. Sixteeen In Love 5/21/2008
4. As I Sleep In The Dark I Have No Fear 5/22/2008
5. I Have The Lord 6/11/2008
6. My Lord Is 6/20/2008
7. Why Did You Have To Go 6/23/2008
8. In These Sessons 6/24/2008
9. Baging In My Sleep 7/4/2008
10. In My Mind 7/7/2008
11. No That Your Gone 7/7/2008
12. Go On A Head 7/8/2008
13. Oh Lord Oh Lord 7/9/2008
14. They Can Take My Sould But They Will Never Take My Freedom 7/13/2008
15. From The Darkness To The Light 7/16/2008
16. Take Me To The Top 7/24/2008
17. Tears 8/7/2008
18. I Have No Fear Of The Divle 8/19/2008
19. Save Me My God 11/25/2007
20. Looking At The Stars 11/28/2007
21. I Dont Want To Hate You 11/28/2007
22. Lost In My Own Land Of Pain 11/28/2007
23. Never Will I Give Up 8/30/2008
24. Warrior On Crist 9/18/2008
25. Fighting In The Night For The Lord 11/14/2008
26. Never Had Fear In My Heart 2/20/2009
27. Praying To Go Home 3/27/2009
28. All Alone In The Dark 4/2/2009
29. Time To Rest In Peace 4/17/2009
30. Lord I Love Her To Much To Let Go 4/25/2009
31. Courage Under Fire 9/17/2009
32. Im Not Scared 7/3/2010
33. Way 12/7/2007
34. Let Me Dry Your Eyes And The Lord Take Away Your Pain 1/20/2008
35. Lord Hold Me Up 4/2/2009
36. Oh Lord Let My Soul Rest In Peace 8/30/2008
37. River Of Tears 12/2/2007

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River Of Tears

Can you hear me as i cry for this pain to go away. I cry so many tears the tears i cry are bitter and worm. They flow like an river but seems to take noting. Every day i make a river out of tears and no one seems to care about a young boy making a river out of tears and i call my river. river of tears.

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Save Me My God

I ask god if he can take me from this pain in my life. I cry ever night for an ansewer from god that he will send angles to come and get me and save me from this pain.

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