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Biography of stephen yusuf

An ardent lover of creative writing and the art of poetry, critic, book reviewer and editor, has featured in several poetry competitions, organised programmes of literary phenomena including 'the other side of a rainbow', Nigerian students authors summit 2011-Zaria branch, e.t.c, currently piloting a facebook group called 'castle of poetry'
A medical doctor by profession and in active practice. Updates

Love Deprived

A branded opium of a civil soul
A smile, a guile guided and girded
Bereaved a grown appetite to starvation
Drawn a dry throat to thirst
Taken to the cocoons and dug
Deeper, deeper to where the roots find hope, a taste and a gone from it
Then, watch did he as the flower wilted, withered and with nothing withing
Flew at the momentum of a breeze to the lands of:

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