Sterling Arnet

Rookie - 2 Points (11-05-1990 / New zealand)

Biography of Sterling Arnet

I'm a young poet. currently studying to be a chef but unsure. I consider my strengths in poetry. i used to be a competitive cyclist. want to get an idea if my poetry is good enough and if possible try and find a way of making a living off my poetic skills. My literature skills are poor, but i am extremely creative and am dyslexic. Updates


its amazing what you can make of nothing.
like the food you could make of which you have in your barren of a cupboard.
there's always a way out. how do good ideas appear?
or do we just discover something that was already there.
do our minds all think the same, or are we just a mutation of the same brain.
people say we come from trees and plants, but how do you explain art?

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