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1. Lava Encamped 11/23/2013
2. Tí Dýskolon? Tò Eautòn Gnônai 11/23/2013
3. Accidently Me 11/23/2013
4. Trade Off 11/25/2013
5. Shared Truth 11/25/2013
6. Dumb Dee Dump Dump 11/25/2013
7. Souls Out 11/25/2013
8. Get Speculated 11/26/2013
9. Cracker Jack Rap 11/26/2013
10. Social Net 11/27/2013
11. Flock It! ! ! 11/27/2013
12. Retread Nation 11/29/2013
13. All About Doubt 11/29/2013
14. Thy Own Selfie 11/29/2013
15. Mules And Unicorns 11/30/2013
16. Death Dance 11/30/2013
17. Labor Of Aquarius 12/1/2013
18. Little Red Cycle 12/1/2013
19. Pondering Existence 12/3/2013
20. Pep Talker 12/4/2013
21. Mind Control 11/25/2013
22. Hulk Management 11/26/2013

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Hulk Management

Everybody stand clear! ! !
Explosive Man is here! ! !

He could go off any time
Temper that can not be confined

Have to somehow find the clues
To diffuse his anger issues

Modern medication is the key,
Treat the condition internally

And yet the disease will not be cured
The rage source remains obscured

So for now the demons are contained
Deep inside a chemically controlled brain

Explosive Man is now handle with care
Another walking time bomb out there

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Lava Encamped

Raw emotions
hard core feelings

electrically charged
crackling passionately

sparks exposed
heat seeking missiles

volcanic seepage
straining restraints

Don't touch!

stay away!

we keep our
emblazed hearts

encased in
hard inhibitions

to maintain
our cool

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