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Steve Ricketts Poems

1. Were We So Different 12/2/2013
2. Everyday Is Different 12/2/2013
3. Grief Be My Companion 12/2/2013
4. Empty Promises 12/2/2013
5. If Prayers Were Really Answered 12/2/2013
6. How! 12/2/2013
7. Memories That Keep Me Close To You. 12/4/2013
8. Bright Light. 5/9/2013
9. To Wake And Find You Standing There. 12/2/2013
10. How Could There Be Another 12/2/2013
11. This Bundle Of Joy That You Present 12/8/2013
12. Please Don'T Pray For Me. 12/16/2013
13. Missing Seasons 12/18/2013
14. When Love Comes Knocking 12/22/2013
15. Wanting What Can Never Be 12/24/2013
16. Poisoned Chalice 12/26/2013
17. The Many Facets Of Love 12/27/2013
18. Milestones 12/30/2013
19. My Worrier Queen 12/30/2013
20. Every Little Raindrop 1/8/2014
21. A Stranger Came Calling And Death Was His Name. 5/9/2013
22. Time Keeps Moving 12/24/2013
23. Undying Love We Do Declare 12/2/2013
24. Winter 12/2/2013
25. Years Will Come And Years Will Go 12/2/2013
26. Tears, Let Them Flow. 12/16/2013
27. Are You Missing Me 12/4/2013
28. Echo's Of The Past 12/23/2013
29. Eternal Sleep 12/7/2013
30. Time! 7/21/2014
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How long do I keep on grieving for I haven't
got a clue. Is there a special time that draws
it to a close. Is there a time to stop this hurting,
for they say my pain will ease, in time I'll start my
healing and lose this pain in me. Am I doing
something wrong because I really can't be sure
all that I can really say is for me, time has stood
quite still.

They tell me memory's start to fade but they
didn't say how long it takes and all I really know,
is each day it's your voice I still listening for.
Time may make adjustment in the way we
live our ...

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Grief Be My Companion

They say the heart's a muscle, the strongest that we have. So may I ask a question. How was it so easy for mine to break in two? They say that scares don't fade, there always on display, let me ask another. Did they not tell me, this pain would go away?

They tell me times a healer, that my pain can not be rushed, that soon I'll start my healing and this hurt won't be as much. How could they even think, that this would be my wish, for without this pain I'm feeling, it would be like I

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