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Steve Ricketts Poems

1. Were We So Different 12/2/2013
2. Everyday Is Different 12/2/2013
3. Grief Be My Companion 12/2/2013
4. Empty Promises 12/2/2013
5. If Prayers Were Really Answered 12/2/2013
6. How! 12/2/2013
7. Memories That Keep Me Close To You. 12/4/2013
8. Bright Light. 5/9/2013
9. To Wake And Find You Standing There. 12/2/2013
10. How Could There Be Another 12/2/2013
11. This Bundle Of Joy That You Present 12/8/2013
12. Please Don'T Pray For Me. 12/16/2013
13. Missing Seasons 12/18/2013
14. When Love Comes Knocking 12/22/2013
15. Wanting What Can Never Be 12/24/2013
16. Poisoned Chalice 12/26/2013
17. The Many Facets Of Love 12/27/2013
18. Milestones 12/30/2013
19. My Worrier Queen 12/30/2013
20. Every Little Raindrop 1/8/2014
21. A Stranger Came Calling And Death Was His Name. 5/9/2013
22. Time Keeps Moving 12/24/2013
23. Undying Love We Do Declare 12/2/2013
24. Winter 12/2/2013
25. Years Will Come And Years Will Go 12/2/2013
26. Tears, Let Them Flow. 12/16/2013
27. Are You Missing Me 12/4/2013
28. Echo's Of The Past 12/23/2013
29. Eternal Sleep 12/7/2013
30. Time! 7/21/2014
Best Poem of Steve Ricketts


How long do I keep on grieving for I haven't
got a clue. Is there a special time that draws
it to a close. Is there a time to stop this hurting,
for they say my pain will ease, in time I'll start my
healing and lose this pain in me. Am I doing
something wrong because I really can't be sure
all that I can really say is for me, time has stood
quite still.

They tell me memory's start to fade but they
didn't say how long it takes and all I really know,
is each day it's your voice I still listening for.
Time may make adjustment in the way we
live our ...

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My winter has arrived, only darkness do I see. I try to recall your voice, it would be a light for me. My summer's are no more and my spring will not be seen. I'll never have my sunshine now your not with me.

I try to turn a corner, to find a ray of light. But I only find the darkness, this nightmare that keeps me from the light. I stumbled in the darkness, my mind struggles to be free. This dark depressing feeling, just won't let me be.

I feel my life is over, no more can there be, those

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