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41. Europe 5/26/2008
42. Hypatia 5/26/2008
43. Sleepless 5/26/2008
44. Queen Muse; Elate 7/23/2008
45. To Elizabeth; The Last Goddess Queen 7/23/2008
46. Angel Maiden Of The Sioux 6/1/2010
47. Vietnam; August 1970 A.D 6/1/2010
48. The Mantic Pine Of Erigone 6/1/2010
49. Gula Of Sumer 6/1/2010
50. The Riddle Of Ratatosk 6/1/2010
51. An Epos To The Huntress Queen; Atalanta 6/1/2010
52. At Willow Grove 1/18/2008
53. A Miscreant`s Soliloquy 1/18/2008
54. Mount Nonacris 1/18/2008
55. An Aphorism Of Anodyne? 1/18/2008
56. Miryam`s Song 1/23/2008
57. Poetry Of Her Heart; A Song 1/23/2008
58. Boudica`s Song 1/23/2008
59. In Her Eyes; A Song 1/23/2008
60. The Satyr Muse 1/25/2008
61. Author`s Note (Revised) 2/2/2008
62. A Forgotten Song Of Phthia 6/1/2010
63. A Bucolic Epode Of Aristaeus 6/1/2010
64. Holy Vampyress; Holy Beloved 6/1/2010
65. A Hymn To The Hierophant’s Guild; Typhon’s Own 6/1/2010
66. The Lunar Hare; A Dreaming 6/1/2010
67. The Muse Of Belgrade 6/1/2010
68. A Cambrian Tale In Cornwall; A Bardic Riddle 6/1/2010
69. The Daughters Of Hesperus 6/30/2007
70. Rhapsody To The Pleiades 6/30/2007
71. To The Fallen Warrior Bairns Of Elysium 6/1/2010
72. A Valediction To Melancholy (Dear Galatea) 6/30/2007
73. Unterwelt Göttin 10/8/2011
74. Sonnet To Breaca - The Boudica Queen 6/25/2007
75. Lady Of The Avalon 12/28/2007
76. Doxology To Demeter 9/27/2007
77. On The Fourth Day; There Was Metis 8/23/2007
78. The Nine Muses So Rapturous 8/21/2007
79. Hebe, The Water Carrier 12/28/2007
80. Poems 2/12/2008

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Best Poem of Steve Trimmer

The Fates

The Lady`s Three, The Fates
Daughters of fair Goddess Night
Three aspects of the moon in flight
The Moerae, phases of thy lunar dates

First by name is Clotho
'Spinner of the Thread of Life'
Maiden fate of waxing light
Lissom love not doleful

The second Fate by name, Lachesis
'The measurer of Life`s Thread Length'
The burnished white, in full moon`s strength
Nymph fate of sanguine blood is

The third Fate by name, Atropos
'The cutter of The Thread'
The crone Fate of the dead
The waning moon, sends Banshee`s of apropos

Zeus`s folly ...

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A Sonnet To Eve

In the beginning, their was 'She'
Creatress of Earth, Life and Sea
Leafy Quince, She put on boughs of Trees
And Apples, Figs and all thou please
Sweet Eve, She sent, to soils below
And from Her loins, boy Adam bestow
In peace, led by Daughters, they came to fruition
And ate The Fruits, in Wise Gardens, of Her erudition
In The Garden they danced, bare, neath Her Moon

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