Steven Drake

Rookie (San Diego, California)

Steven Drake Poems

1. War At Home Never Spared 2/17/2012
2. Second Sighted 2/17/2012
3. Smoke And Mirrors 2/17/2012
4. Shattered Confidence (No Laws Spared) 2/18/2012
5. Hired Guns (For The Lone Ranger) 2/18/2012
6. Crossroads (Infinite Tools Of The Trade) 2/20/2012
7. Nemeses (Faithless Apprehension) 2/23/2012
8. Birth In Blues Of Houses Born 3/7/2012
9. Infamous Bloody Words 3/8/2012
10. Plethora Plebeian Pilgrimage 3/9/2012
11. Predators (As Per Chances Left, Creatively) 3/16/2012
12. No Rights At All... (World's Diabolic Abusive Cruelty) 3/16/2012
13. Implied But Denied (Eyes Of The Apocalypse) 3/16/2012
14. Exhumed In Body And Soul 3/16/2012
15. Evil Maniacal Crimes (Setting Me Up To Be Killed) 3/17/2012
16. Die In Dodge (Sanitariums Touched By God) 3/18/2012
17. Akin To Amnesia (Angelic To Whom With Argus Eyes?) 3/28/2012
18. Crematorium's Sarcophagus (Hades' Underground) 3/29/2012
19. Spark The Soul... (For Soulful Heritage) 3/30/2012
20. Sojourned: Sleepy Hollow Affairs 3/31/2012
21. Theorems (Terror's Mitigated Rapture) 3/31/2012
22. Hourglass At Midnight (Sifting Through Sands) 4/20/2012
23. From Beginning Stars On Earth 4/23/2012
24. Uninspired (Until Words Follow After Me) 4/23/2012
25. But For God I'M Alive... (At Length Of Time To Whom?) 4/24/2012
26. Behind Closed Doors (In Remembrance Of Me) 3/13/2012
27. Mirrored Reflections (Forever And One More Day) 2/19/2012
28. Sociopaths 4/22/2012
29. Backlogged (Archetypes Jungian) 2/14/2012

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Backlogged (Archetypes Jungian)

Backlogged. Bad luck. Curses. Marital schemes.
Far gone conclusions in rivers running deep.
What self-esteem? Writing severely wounded.
Desperate hands. Toll bridges. Flaming
Infernos. Bleeding. Hand struck by the glass.
Inordinate excuses flying off borderlines.
Nothing neat in stolen packages. Drained.
Ignorance. Great duress. False witnesses.
Charming whom that takes my breath away.
No stable consideration. Length of beauty
Adheres to nothing sacred. Fallen secular beliefs.
Pandemonium. Slipshod practices.
Wild in the woods. Religion taken ...

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Smoke And Mirrors

Broken hearts by the sky
Only the brave can survive
Slight of eyes, tempered souls
Wonder nigh of pride
Unmask the disguise
Drop the veil from
Secrets tried
Reveal the self shy of

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