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41. Hunter Thompson Controlled Madness. 3/25/2013
42. I Can See The Future. 3/22/2013
43. I Can'T Keep It Up. 5/14/2013
44. I Don'T Belong 5/20/2013
45. I Hate Saturdays. 4/13/2013
46. I Hate The Sun 7/7/2013
47. I Hate These Poeple. 4/3/2013
48. I Love Them All 5/22/2013
49. I Might Be Wrong. 5/13/2013
50. I Need To Take A Walk. 3/28/2013
51. I Remember Her Chest 4/29/2013
52. I Remember Them 6/11/2013
53. I'Ll Do As I Please. 3/20/2013
54. I'Ll Just Sit Here Shall I? 3/19/2013
55. I'M Invisible. 5/12/2013
56. Im Not A Member Of This Club 3/22/2013
57. I'M Not Ready 6/10/2013
58. Is Death Here? 6/13/2013
59. Is It Too Late 3/20/2013
60. Is That What We Have To Look Forward To? 3/20/2013
61. It Seems I'Ve Got The Block. 6/19/2013
62. It Wont Last Forever. 4/24/2013
63. It's Life, It's Living 5/24/2013
64. It's Not Going Well Right Now. 5/12/2013
65. It's Sickening. 4/4/2013
66. I'Ve Been Taken Over. 6/24/2013
67. Jump Into The Lake. 3/21/2013
68. Just To Get On. 3/30/2013
69. Kent Street 4/28/2013
70. Let Me Be Lazy 6/8/2013
71. Like Every Other Street 4/30/2013
72. Lonely Little Boy 7/27/2013
73. Love Is Too Strong. 6/3/2013
74. Lower End 5/27/2013
75. Me, I Think 6/13/2013
76. More News Later. 5/2/2013
77. Narborough Road 4/12/2013
78. Never Again Never Doing It Again. 4/3/2013
79. No Idea 6/2/2013
80. Nobody Knows 5/24/2013
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Stupid People

Fed up of this
fed up of stupid people
fed up surrounding myself with idiots
always bitching at each other
always knowing what it could cause but doing it anyway
not thinking
not using their brains
just doin' it, knowing what it could cause and then wondering why
just idiots, stupid people
i'm staying out of this
i'm going to get drunk, throw up and pass out
i'd rather do that than sit here listening to a fight
don't act like the victim when it's your fault
you knew, but you did it anyway
i hate people
i hate the sight of them
i hate all of ...

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Yes Sir

Yes sir of course i'll do that
i'll clean your shoes sir, no problem
anything else?
oh, yes i will lick this shit off the floor
of course i'll do everything
of course i'll follow you
yes i will do everything you say
im in your complete command
yes sir, your the one whos in control

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