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121. I'M Not Ready 6/10/2013
122. Lower End 5/27/2013
123. I'Ve Been Taken Over. 6/24/2013
124. The Tikoloshe 6/26/2013
125. That Beautiful Girl. 4/24/2013
126. Narborough Road 4/12/2013
127. Sunshine Bubble Town 6/27/2013
128. The Match. 5/12/2013
129. I Hate The Sun 7/7/2013
130. Let Me Be Lazy 6/8/2013
131. A Summers Estate. 5/13/2013
132. The Cafe. 4/10/2013
133. Are There Rules? 4/4/2013
134. Will I Be Remembered 6/15/2013
135. Like Every Other Street 4/30/2013
136. How Did This Happen. 5/18/2013
137. I Love Them All 5/22/2013
138. The Old Man With A Pork Pie Hat. 6/23/2013
139. Red Hair Girl 6/15/2013
140. A Council Estate 6/15/2013
141. For The Love Of Drink. 4/24/2013
142. I'M Invisible. 5/12/2013
143. The Meaning Of Life. 4/22/2013
144. I Hate Saturdays. 4/13/2013
145. Poeple Have Everything. 4/8/2013
146. Too Damn Scared. 4/8/2013
147. Words Cant Hide Forever. 4/8/2013
148. Drunk Writing. 4/21/2013
149. Stupid People 5/26/2013
150. Dont Regret. 4/22/2013
151. Childhood Dreams 4/30/2013

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Childhood Dreams

When your young you have dreams
but as you get older it always goes out the window
you find other passions
other dreams
your views on everything change every year
things move on
and childhood dreams vanish
you wish deep inside you could hold on to them
but you can't
other things get in the way
work, girlsfriends, bills, alcohol
everything get's in the way
it kills everything you wanted as a child
puts all those dreams in the fire
and burns them up
you may live your dreams when you reach adulthood
but there the dreams you found as you ...

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Blue Fairies

Oh shit, i did it again
i lost my keys, now i cant get in
ill bang on the door
somebody has to be in
no, nobody is.

I'll look for someone with a ladder
nobody will have a ladder at this time
its two in the morning

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