Steven Robinson

Rookie (07 June 1971 / New Zealand)

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The Parrot And The Carrot And The Goose

There once was a parrot name Jack, who thought himeself quite a lad, but one day he met a Goose who decided he was too loose.

Jack tried to chat up the Goose, but the Goose had other games in mind and she stuck a carrot up jack's (well you get the picture) .

Now Jack being proud, did not tell his mates, that he had been bested by a Goose nor the fact he had to remove a carrot form his....I suspect that's what you get for being so smart.

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Where Do The Fairies Go?

I was eating a fairy cake the other morn, when I thought I wonder if it's true that for every baby born, a fairy god mother is sworn.

Well now I have grown up, can I still speak to the fairies or am I just away with?

I seem to think I know they are there, but where have they gone?

I don't remember ever seeing one, what do they look like, are they pixies, elves or just plain sprite?

I have heard is possible to see, but that is only by those who believe, or is it just for those incl

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