Steven Rodgers

Rookie (2/3/86 / Payson, Arizona)

Biography of Steven Rodgers

Avid Writer/Student/Waiter. I have lived in New York City for the past five years. Though, Buffalo is home. I study Liberal Arts now in Kingsborough Community College in Brooklyn. I will be studying History at the University at Buffalo next term, with hopes to attend their School of Law thereafter. Updates

Shackled In The Sun

Tender in its mire,
Soft, true to form,
Center of desire,
A soft and gentle fire.

We reach, we strive,
Shackled in the sun,
Never alive, never alive,
For us to thrive.

Ubiquitous stare,
Frozen flail,
Of the captured pair,
Never there, never there,
Lest they're caught unaware.

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