Steven SRS Biography

I grew up for the first 13 years of my life in California. When I was in kindergarten I did an oral report on gravity. I lived in Northern California until I was 10. I learned to snow ski when I was 8 on Mt Lassen.

At 10 we moved to Southern California, to Lake Arrowhead. I was a boy scout. By the time I was 12, I had earned 22 merit badges and was well on my way to being a Life scout. (I would never make Eagle scout.) I loved living in Lake Arrowhead. I got to ski in the winter, and sail in the summer.

At 13 My family moved to Alaska, and so I was afforded my great Alaskan adventure. After that it was California, then Michigan, then Washington D.C., and finally Atlanta GA.

I was 16 when I entered Ga Tech, and I already knew how to program computers and thought I was going to study to be a Lawyer with a Civil Engineering degree. The Land of Not is my allegorical world, and there is a whole round table of Knights, not to mention serfs and pagans, and pawns and Jesters.

But sometimes you end up someplace other than the place that you thought you were headed.

I ended up with a degree in management and a career in information technology as an application designer/programmer/development manager. During my time a Tech I continued to grow as a poet and was for one year the editor of Tech's Art and Literary magazine; Erato.

The main bulk of my poetry revolves around a collection of allegorical poems about the imaginary world called the Land of Not. I hope you enjoy the poems about this place and the characters in it. Let me know if you identify with any of, won't you please.

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