Steven Taylor

Rookie - 8 Points (6/7/58 / Cleveland, Ohio)

Biography of Steven Taylor

Steven Taylor poet

Father of three daughters 9 years US Navy Air Traffic Controller
3 years FAA Air Traffic Controller
16 years Professional Sales & Marketing

Interests and Hobbies:
I love to sing, write poetry and play chess. I am a body builder and movie buff.

'A poet is a poet because he understands;
because he is born with a divine kinship
with all things, ... and he is a poet in direct ratio
to his power of sympathy' Alice Ruth Moore

examples of my work and my picture are published here: http: //www.buzzlecom/authors.asp? author=705
illustrated poems are found at my web site http: //

Steven Taylor's Works:

Stop & Think Poetry Updates

Family Reunions

We come together, young and old
we travel distance just to be
surrounded by our people
cousins, uncles, aunts and grans
in perfect harmony

There’s power in these gatherings,
love renews and flows right through....
through the smiles, hugs and memories

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