Steven Taylor

Rookie - 8 Points (6/7/58 / Cleveland, Ohio)

Biography of Steven Taylor

Steven Taylor poet

Father of three daughters 9 years US Navy Air Traffic Controller
3 years FAA Air Traffic Controller
16 years Professional Sales & Marketing

Interests and Hobbies:
I love to sing, write poetry and play chess. I am a body builder and movie buff.

'A poet is a poet because he understands;
because he is born with a divine kinship
with all things, ... and he is a poet in direct ratio
to his power of sympathy' Alice Ruth Moore

examples of my work and my picture are published here: http: //www.buzzlecom/authors.asp? author=705
illustrated poems are found at my web site http: //

Steven Taylor's Works:

Stop & Think Poetry Updates

I Miss You Doc

I miss you doc, wish you were here
to tend to all our ills
miss your prescriptions...
miss your pills....
the remedy you always gave
with your supernattra skills

I miss you doc, I miss the love, ..
fit me like a glove!

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