Hur And Huriah: A Love Story

Hur was walking past a slave garden,
When he saw Huriah -the most beautiful woman -
Ever seen by a Kashmiri -ever in his entire life,
She was walking around, watering the plants of freedom,
In her garden -with blood in her pitcher -
of the slain sons of her soil,
Her furious beauty infatuated Hur -
Immediately he fell in love with her -
And offered his young blood -seething with passion for freedom -
To water the plants in her slave garden,

Translation. Abraham Moses Klein. Portrait Of The Poet As Landscape

- I -

Для редактора,
озабоченного передовицей,
он никто, какой-то Джон Мильтон,
затерявшийся на литературной обочине.

Актриса глицериновую слезу
из-за него не проливала ни разу.