Selfhelp: Cherished As An Invaluable Gift

Dealing with pain – physical pain – the Eastern
guru says stand on your head, my head is too
sore; dealing with emotional upset, feelings of
insignificance; bad planning, I should have had
a pill for this

Another self-help piece of advice: Deep breathing,
visualizing the Eternal Force, whether it be God or
intelligent energy: Nothing works, the pain holds
sway, am I guilty for being this way?

Simple Self-Help Health-Care Techniques Regulating The Mind, Regulating The Posture And Regulating The Breath 中醫自行保健怯病法: 調心 調神 調身

調心調身調息 歌 - 中醫簡易自行保健怯病法
- 羨魚

Simple Self-help Health-Care Techniques
(based on Traditional Chinese Medicine principles)
- by Frank C Yue

前 言 Prologue