Storm Eaglestone

Rookie [A caged butterfly] (12 November 1980 / A small town far away)

Biography of Storm Eaglestone

A small town girl trying to find herplace in the same world that has deemed her a confused, lost soul... yet she fights each day for her soul to be free and her place to be set, amongst daisies, chasing butterflies in a realm where her dreams are reality and her reality a mere reflection of what her heart tells her eyes to see. Updates

A Tribute To Daddy

Its dark where I lie, it is warm and safe. I'm growing day by day. Two distinctive voices, one is soft and tender, the other.. Harsh, loud.. Wait, the voice is walking away. The sound of a heart breaking is faint.. I can hear it.. It makes me nervous. The voice doesn't return. I hear only one now.

A journey I take, long and traitorous.. I hear the gentle voice now louder, asking for it to stop. I enter a realm, so bright.. Wait I can't breathe. I am being handed to voices I don't recognise. W

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