Storm Pedersen

Storm Pedersen Poems

1. My Dear Romeo 2/6/2012
2. The Unknown Rockstar 2/6/2012
3. The Sign 2/6/2012
4. Sam 2/6/2012
5. Death 2/6/2012
6. Vampires 2/6/2012
7. Just A Vapor In The Wind 2/6/2012
8. Aliens Are Invading 2/7/2012
9. Alone Once Again 2/7/2012
10. Goodbye 2/7/2012
11. Leaving Someday 4/21/2012
12. Only How I Choose 5/16/2012
13. My Life 5/16/2012
14. Tired 5/16/2012
15. The Dark Knight 6/8/2012
16. No Ordinary Angel 6/8/2012
17. Music 2/6/2012
18. Four Little Giraffes 2/6/2012
19. Lost Love 6/15/2012
20. If I Left 6/15/2012
21. That Rain 6/15/2012
22. Rain Oh Rain 6/15/2012
23. Letting Go 2/7/2012
24. One O’clock In The Morning 2/6/2012
25. Christmas Time 2/6/2012
26. Purple 2/6/2012
27. Unstable 2/7/2012
28. That Lonely Raven 2/6/2012

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Best Poem of Storm Pedersen

That Lonely Raven

There’s that raven
That very lonely raven
Who was born with a wing bigger than the other

He was so sick and tired of it all
The whispers
The snickering
The laughing
He could take no more

He was done now
Done with it all
With every single thing that happened
Day in and day out
In which he had to suffer thru
But not anymore

This lonely raven finally did it
Did what he should’ve done a long time ago

He left that flock
That flock that pulled him farther and farther
Towards the earth

That lonely raven
Who was always ...

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On the busy streets of New York
One night walking the sidewalk in downtown New York City
I had a feeling that I was being followed
With a fast glance
Right away I could tell
This guy didn’t belong with the rest of us New Yorkers
Walking his slow taunting pace
He was only a couple people behind me
I turned into an alley

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