Stormy Haney

Rookie (England)

Biography of Stormy Haney

stormy lives in a sleepy village in the Sussex countryside.

Poetry gave her a reason to live in a dark time of her life. She writes about her faith, her illness and general life. Now and again she writes things that her friends call 'Bonkers'

she also writes for children mostly because she has never grown up.

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Stormy Haney's Works:

She has appeared in a few anthologies online and in paper back

And has been a featured poet in the Pagan friends ezine. Updates

Us Country Folk

Townies say that country folk have a little backward thoughts.
And cannot understand the lure of it these green and pleasant sorts.
They think that we all dress in tweed and all own cows and sheep.
Discuss the days of weather and the size of our dung heaps.

its true we do.

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