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Hello everyone, love my name?
Welcome to my biography. I am guessing you want to know a bit more about me... :) Sure do..

Season: Spring/Winter

Animal: Red Pandas, black bears, & dogs (NEVER FORGET DOGS!)

Name: I think I'll pass..

Fruit: Grapefruits, oranges, grapes. (Two are grapes: 3)

Hobbies: Reading books, occasionally write some poems, badminton, fencing - saber or for French, sabre, and practicing violin. < 3

That is all I will put in BIO :)
You can (if you have the ability to) send me anything about my poems or whatsoever critics and I will gladly listen. :)

Have a great day. ;)

Here is a joke, by the way I do not own it, the rights goes to the owner, " Dad, I want to grow up to be a musician."
XD If you didn't under stand it, let me explain: You cannot GROW UP and be a MUSICIAN. It is impossible, do you understand now? Maybe? Maybe not? Okay so, you become an adult then learn violin/piano ec. (Uh, WHAT WHAT IS THE THING THEY SAY? ? ec or ectt or eccy?) it is impossible, you must learn music when you are young. Get it? Get it?
Anyways sorry for waisting your time.: P Updates


Music isn’t just the sound of a note.
Nor the sound of a goat!
Music is meant to touch one’s soul.
Which that, is my goal.

From a violin to a cello,
Beautiful strings, painted yellow.
Just to make one smile or cry.
Trying to paint the sky.

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