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Biography of Striding Fog

Hello everyone, love my name?
Welcome to my biography. I am guessing you want to know a bit more about me... :) Sure do..

Season: Spring/Winter

Animal: Red Pandas, black bears, & dogs (NEVER FORGET DOGS!)

Name: I think I'll pass..

Fruit: Grapefruits, oranges, grapes. (Two are grapes: 3)

Hobbies: Reading books, occasionally write some poems, badminton, fencing - saber or for French, sabre, and practicing violin. < 3

That is all I will put in BIO :)
You can (if you have the ability to) send me anything about my poems or whatsoever critics and I will gladly listen. :)

Have a great day. ;)

Here is a joke, by the way I do not own it, the rights goes to the owner, " Dad, I want to grow up to be a musician."
XD If you didn't under stand it, let me explain: You cannot GROW UP and be a MUSICIAN. It is impossible, do you understand now? Maybe? Maybe not? Okay so, you become an adult then learn violin/piano ec. (Uh, WHAT WHAT IS THE THING THEY SAY? ? ec or ectt or eccy?) it is impossible, you must learn music when you are young. Get it? Get it?
Anyways sorry for waisting your time.: P Updates

Matilda And Catilda

Once there was a girl named Matilda.
Her sister’s name was Catilda.
Catilda and Matilda did everything together.
They played on the swings and collected feathers.

The next day, Catilda screamed, “MATILDA, MOM GAVE ME A TOAD! ”
The two girls grew envious and planned to wreck each other’s life.
Matilda made a bow and arrows, while Catilda found a knife.

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