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41. Love: The Light (Radha-44) 8/16/2012
42. Love: Remaining With U (Radha-54) 10/3/2012
43. Love: What Is There In A Body (Radha-55) 10/3/2012
44. Love: Consoling Chandrasena (Radha-56) 10/3/2012
45. Love: The Diminishing Life (Radha-57) 10/3/2012
46. Love: When A Woman Stretches Her Hand Upwards For Help (Radha-58) 10/3/2012
47. Love: How I Could Remain Within Myself (Radha-58) 12/17/2012
48. Love: Radha(Last Poem) 12/17/2012
49. Fresh Memory 1/5/2013
50. Heart Withered 1/5/2013
51. The Mishap 1/6/2013
52. The Flower 1/6/2013
53. Love: Unnoticed (Radha-49) 9/8/2012
54. Love: The Cycle Of Life And Death (Radha-50) 9/8/2012
55. Love: How Are You Krishna? (Radha-51) 9/8/2012
56. Love: You There Burning (Radha-52) 9/8/2012
57. Love: Time Elapses Away(Radha-48) 8/16/2012
58. Achha Lagta Hai 1/11/2013
59. Bhool Nahi Paata 1/15/2013
60. You 5/30/2014
61. Love New 5/30/2014
62. Love: Let Us Elope Away (Radha-27) 7/14/2012
63. Beloved On A Distant Land 7/26/2012
64. Love Cool 7/16/2012
65. The Wind 1/11/2013
66. Love: Chandrasena The Husband (Radha-63) 10/3/2012
67. The Lonely Flower 1/9/2013
68. Love: You In The Water Of Yamuna River 8/3/2012
69. Love's Checkmate 7/20/2012
70. Love, Mute 7/21/2012
71. Love Lost 7/6/2012
72. Love, Full Of Life 7/19/2012
73. Love: Rumination (Radha-4) 8/1/2012
74. Love: Give Me All Your Sufferings 7/30/2012
75. Love: The Throne Of The Heart (Radha-47) 8/16/2012
76. Love: The Invincible One (Radha-46) 8/20/2012
77. Love: When I Touch You (Radha-43) 8/17/2012
78. Love, Unseen 7/21/2012
79. Love Me Not 7/16/2012
80. Love Apple 7/26/2012

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Best Poem of Subrat Pradhan

Love, The Dive In And Out

Falling in love
Is like diving into water
With a splash.

To be in love
Is like to be
In water and inside water
swimming, sporting, playing
Frolicking, floating
With air and without water
To be with the outer world
To be without the outer world.

To be out of love
Is coming out of water
The deeper, one in love
The more time is consumed to come out
The more time is consumed to dry oneself
Getting out of love
Is not coming out to senses
Time has different unseen path
To traverse back
For each lover in love.

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Love Me Not

Love me not
When so many fanatics are all around
When so many stars fall on ground
When nature is invaded
When all colours of rainbow get faded
Life endangered at each step
Virgins are cut off from their wings
Wishes are never horses
Still blooming must must not be denied

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