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Born a happy poet..Still am!
I firmly believe in the Latin saying 'Omnia bona bonis' (all things are good to the good) , and 'Omnia vincit amor' (love conquers all things) .
Poets are sensitive souls, and any opportunity to oppugn amongst themselves is fraught with emotional turmoil. In fact, many attempt to escape the daily humdrum of their jobs by expressing their angst (or joy as the case may be) through the lines of their poetry.
To me, (and I suspect with many of you as well) writing poems is more than an orra job. In fact, its a way and a medium where you would want the world to 'see' you...
Such is poetry - indefinable in many ways - and yet unifying people from different faiths, varying temperaments and cultures.
Arta longa vita brevis...
Cheers. Updates

And All That's Nice

[I wrote this poem in response to Robert Frost's 'Fire and Ice']

I was told that the cause for our end
(In an inevitable cosmic amend)
Is fire and ice.
Now wouldn’t that be nice?

What fertile dreams can some plot
And harvest wars, and set the rot

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