Sudeep Pagedar

(1988 / Chembur (Mumbai);India)

Biography of Sudeep Pagedar

Sudeep Pagedar born on Nov.10-1988 in Chembur (Mumbai);India. He has completed his graduation in B.A. English from Bombay university. He is persuing M.A. Disaster Management (Conflict Resolution) from TATA Institute of Social Science, Mumbai.
Since childhood he was keenly interested in understanding conflicts,world politics,social structures. He is gifted with excellent articulation and poetic senses where he questioned the existing differenciations of religious conflicts. His poems 'Tale of a Sprinter','Holocaust',Bienvenue','Warring Ovation' have much more to tell about him,many of his poems are selected for High Schools in United States and United Kingdom. Updates

Tale Of A Sprinter


I am an athlete from Berlin,
my feet are fast and swift.
I can run faster than anyone!
Truly, this is the Lord's gift!

Any race I participate in,
I always come in first,

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