Sudheer Khwobi

Rookie (1969.12.31 / nepal)

Biography of Sudheer Khwobi

Sudheer Khwobi poet

Name: Sudheer khwobi
occupation: Furniture making
Education: Intermidiate
Language: Nepal Bhasha(one of mother tongue of our country NEPAL. this language spoke mainly NEWAR
Mailing Add: 19/44 Ekhalakhu Talachhen Lalitpur (kathmandu) NEPAL

Sudheer Khwobi's Works:

1.Chakrabuha (The Round trap) Poem collection
2.Pitya Mikha (Hungry Eye) Poem collection
3.Nhugu Basant (New spring) Short story
4.Natuchaye Tiyatagu Bartaman (Present pinned in NATUCHA) Poem collection
5.Pala Palakhaye (collection An every steps) Lyric collection
6.Jaa (Light) poem collection abt light
7.Hayawongu Haa (Falling leaf) Haiku collection
8.Swanya Ras (Test of flower) Haiku collection Updates

A Bunch Of Haiku

Some times it happen
when some body fall in love
and cry for whole life

passing life
under maintain a hole
married life?

A burning moon
totally dry lips
no entry board

virgin age
selecting carrot, radish
tingling sensation

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