Sue Chevalier

Rookie - 10 Points (April 18,1966 / Elizabeth New Jersey)

Biography of Sue Chevalier

Sue Chevalier, born in New Jersey always loved to draw cartoons as a child. She started drawing and mimicking cartoon character’s voices she saw on TV; “The Flintstones” and “The Grinch Who Stole Christmas” were two of her favorites. She would make these characters into paper puppets. Later on, developing her own set of doll-like cartoon characters and voices called the “Krendolls”. Following through with a lifelong commitment towards helping expand children’s worlds, Sue has written poetry, illustrated childrens’s picture books and created coloring books. Her live storytelling performances and illustrations of her “Krendoll” doll characters have earned her accolades from children’s parents, major bookstores and writing organizations.

Melodie’s Mermaid Birthday is her third children’s picture book.

Other Books:

Unfreezing Prince Emeray

Prince Emeray is on his way to Sarah Star's 16th birthday party when he is frozen into a green ice dragon in the Ferronian Forest by the evil ice-witch Razel. Sarah and Melodie are given heat swords by the'magical' forest elf Snookems. Still unable to find Prince Emeray, Snookems the elf gives them magical items. Does Prince Emeray turn back into a knight? Find out in this 'Suzarian Star' story.

Sarah's Special Birthday

Sarah Star goes to bed one night with her doll Melodie in her hand, and dreams of the magical Island of Krendoll. Krendoll Island is where magical dolls come alive. To Sarah’s surprise, Melodie is sitting on a magical unicorn named UniCandle with his horn shining bright. Along with Eeka the magical butterfly both Melodie and UniCande unicorn wish Sarah a magical birthday. Melodie crowns Sarah with a magical birthstone crown and she receives a birthstone gown. Then Melodie sings a 'Special Birthday' song to Sarah and Sarah receives a 'special gift' when she wakes up from her dream.

Sue Chevalier's Works:


Unicandle Unicorn's Song

UniCandle, UniCandle you are the magical one,
Your horn lights up like the sun.
The color of your horn is a deep orangey blue,
Making children's birthday wishes come true.

UniCandle's horn is a deep orangey blue,
it shines the whole day through.
Making every child's birthday wishes come true.

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