Sue Chevalier

Rookie - 10 Points (April 18,1966 / Elizabeth New Jersey)

Sue Chevalier Poems

1. Melodie The Music Maker 9/2/2012
2. Melodie The Magical Doll From Krendoll 9/2/2012
3. Green Eyed Melodie Mermaid 9/2/2012
4. Granny Krendoll Brings Melodie To Life 9/2/2012
5. Majesty Mermaid 9/2/2012
6. Melodie Likes Majesty 9/2/2012
7. Razel Is All The Rage 9/2/2012
8. Razel Rules 9/2/2012
9. I'M Razel The Evil Ice-Witch 9/2/2012
10. A Puppet Named Razel 9/2/2012
11. Evil Robot 9/2/2012
12. Razel's Deep Freeze 9/2/2012
13. Razel's Evil Plan 9/2/2012
14. Razel's Destiny 9/2/2012
15. Razel Puppet Is Half Alive 9/2/2012
16. Skunky Tries To Get To Sarah 9/2/2012
17. Sarah's Deer Raindancer 9/2/2012
18. Sarah Waits For Big Tomatoe 9/2/2012
19. Sarah Recieves A Doll Named Melodie 9/2/2012
20. Sarah Misses Melodie 9/2/2012
21. Unicandle Unicorn's Song 9/2/2012
22. You Are A Creative Genius 9/2/2012
23. Razel Stop Children's Birthday Dreams 9/2/2012
24. Big Toe Saves The Day 9/2/2012
25. Big Tomato Meets Sarah 9/2/2012
26. Big Tomato Meets Big Toe 9/2/2012
27. Melodie's Birthday Is Today 9/2/2012
28. Melodie And Razel 9/2/2012
29. A Doll Named Melodie 9/9/2012
30. A Prince Named Emeray 9/9/2012
31. Big Toe Interviews Pillow Monster 9/9/2012
32. Big Toe Magically Transforms 9/9/2012
33. Big Toe Meets Big Foot 9/9/2012
34. Big Toe Meets Big Tomatoe 9/9/2012
35. Brown Eyed Majesty Mermaid 9/9/2012
36. Dreeka Dragon's Crown 9/9/2012
37. Great Aunt Meeka We Adore You 9/9/2012
38. Melodie's Meltdown 2003 9/9/2012
39. Sarah's Special Birthday 9/9/2012
40. Mr. Big Toe Digs In The Dirt 9/9/2012
Best Poem of Sue Chevalier

Let Your Light Shine Out

Let your light shine out
make it big and bright
Let your light shine out
deep into the night.
Let Your Light Shine

Let your light shine out
for the whole world to see,
like a flower as pretty as can be.

Yes, let your light shine out
making it spread about
to every creature & everyone
making it a happier place under the sun.

Written by Sue Chevalier on August 3,1996

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Sarah Misses Melodie

I miss my Melodie, who is always sweet and makes me laugh.
We have such a fun time, I hope they last and last.
I love how she is always smiling even when I'm sad
She is the child within me who tries to make me glad.
She always wants to come out and play
Make me feel free and enjoy this beautiful day.
How I miss my Melodie
She is so faraway
But she will return by Tuesday.

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