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Sufi Noor Ali was born in the district of Jamalpur in Bangladesh.He studied English language and literature at Jahangirnagar University.He is a poet, translator, novelist and a dramatist.He composes poems both in Bangla and in English language.

Sufi Noor Ali's Works:

1.Tripodal Love Poems(2013)
2.Fourteen Poems of Love & A Song of Solitude(2016)

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Love In The Time Of Fire

The sparks of fire diffusing everywhere
Fresh flesh of human body is burning by the firearms
Thrown on them by the hell-hound anarchist-
They should enjoy the taste of inferno being burnt by earth fire
Who are not listed for the heaven;
It can be termed as the rehearsal of eternal punishment.

Fire chases away everyone
Nobody knows whoever is next to burn;