Sukasah Syahdan

Rookie (Jakarta)

Biography of Sukasah Syahdan

Sukasah Syahdan is founder and editor of a political-economic journal called Akal dan Kehendak ('Reason and Will') , which can be visited at http: // His poetry workshop and nursery is http: // He lives in Ciputat, South Tangerang, Indonesia.

Sukasah Syahdan's Works:

- Pocket Anthology of Shakespearean Sonnets;
- A Jar of Pickles; and,
- Scores of translation works. Updates


this spirited assemblage
is a placid pilgrimage:
the girls and boys we were

a blink is all it takes
before we flock again
as grandparents

as soon as we part
we can all sum it up
into a personal haiku

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