Sukla Sanyal

Rookie - 74 Points (13-09-1959 / Lalgola, Murshidabad, West Bengal, India.)

Biography of Sukla Sanyal

I am a master (MA in Bengali from Calcutta university) .
My hobbies:

I love to write poems, short stories in Bengali. Also I love to do gardening.

I believe a educate person without humble behavior and good character is meaningless. So I am very simple and self motivator. I always try to change myself according to time and situation because I can't change others mind, So better to change myself in a good way.

I love freedom. I believe humanity is greater than any religion.

I did not go for job. After marriage I opted to remain as house wife. I am a happy woman. My husband is Govt. employee. I have three children. Two daughters, one son. Son is youngest. Daughters are married and settled in their respective life. Son is an electronic engineer and working in IT sector. All are in India but apart from me.

Writing poem is my hobby. I only write Bengali poems. Updates

কীর্তি যস্য

'আমি' 'আমি' তে জ্বালিয়ে মলো
'আমি' তে বড় দুখ-
'আমি' ছেড়ে বেড়িয়ে এসো?
দেখবে কত সুখ।

ধন জন মান প্রতিপত্তি?
যত অনর্থ তত বিপত্তি!
এসব ছার নশ্বর জীবনে-
মানুষ অমর হয় কীর্তির কীর্ত্তনে।

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