Sumali Nagarajan

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Who Gave You Your Beauty? (Pic Attached)

When I first laid eyes on you,
I was awestruck!
You were exquisite in your appeal,
Even though you grew in muck!

The contrast of colors was captivating,
Your core even more breath-taking!
The pointy petals tantalizing.
The waters below, gently twirling!

Are you aware of your beauty?
Do you even know its effect?
Can anyone pass you by?
Without even pausing for a bit?

Who gave you those mesmerizing colors?
Who made those soothing layers?
Who gave you your dreamy quality?
Tell me, who gave you your beauty?

Was it your ...

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New Born

When I was in my mother's womb
I was warm and contented
Sleeping at will
And kicking when playful

I neither knew
Nor least bit cared
Of the day I will be born
And what lay ahead

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