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Biography of Sumathi Chandra Mohan

Sumathi Mohan is an ardent writer, an educationist, a social activist against child marriage and child labor. Most of her expressions are in free-verse, blogs or articles. Admires art in all forms. Enjoys a keen ear for music. Is passionate about everything involved in. Life is her inspiration to write. Studies subjects in depth to know the truth. Inquisitive about details. Is friendly and humorous. ' In the pursuit of self' is her first book based on experiences related to realizations and sprituality.

Sumathi Chandra Mohan's Works:

In pursuit of Self
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Me In Green Company

On lazy mornings, I sip my coffee, amidst floral fragrance, then
my guests surround, regular visitors to my dew drenched garden, multi colored, beautiful, chirpy, lively, flirting birds, perching on tall trees sometimes midflight or alighting to pick a crawling worm slowly inching its way. A prey now, pecked and gobbled by natural beauty. A host of butterflies come home, when the Sun warms my garden with golden rays. That is when the squirrels put the trapeze artist to shame, swinging from bra

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