Sumeet Mahanti

Rookie (22nd July,1971 / Bhubaneswar, India)

Biography of Sumeet Mahanti

Member of International Association of Poets' Forum, Awarded for best poem in various journal and online sites. Poems published in various Anthologies of poems in various sites and journals. Short-stories published in journals.
Writer is a MBA working in a MNC. Married and have a son.
Flair for writing inspirational, motivational poems.
Subject - love, philosophies of life, nature, beauty.
Passion for wildlife and it's photography.

Sumeet Mahanti's Works:

'Poetic Expressions' published by Faith Writers Updates

Elemental Epic

Seeking eternal happiness
I lie down on the sands by the seashore,
my eyes closed and mind racing
the search begins for the transcendental door

Opening my eyes, my gaze fixes on the night sky
the million stars sparkling with gay abandon,
creating a magical vision of the roof of the earth
my vision distracted by the heavenly moment of a shooting star in sight

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