Sunday Igwebuike

Freshman - 675 Points (16/12/1990)

Sunday Igwebuike Quotes

  • ''If a wise man is hungry, he is not hungry for nothing. It is an attitude that boils down to something!''
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  • ''Education is the key that unlocks every thing. Oh, how I pity my ignorance!''
  • ''There is no way a champion cannot be tackled. A champion is an old trick, more often than not, cannot be re- learned.''
  • ''Positioning yourself is equally as important as moving forward.''
  • ''Relationship is an asset. Just like politics, you learn compromise: live and let live; the solemnity of our existence!''
  • ''Human imagination unspeakabily is profound.You are free to roam and see things but be audacious enough to start somewhere!''
  • ''You are free to watch the dance, but not to take after the dancers. There are few steps, tricks to add to make your situation thick!''
  • ''An old monkey is overtly cautious, but since it cannot resist the allure of banana, it is always a target of the hunter.''
  • ''What I fear most in my life is blank space, for I know, it would be filled somehow. And what it takes is not just snapping of fingers. We dig it!''
  • ''In war virtue is cowardice, but to a comrade, virtue is honour.''

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Best Poem of Sunday Igwebuike

Awake My Soul

Manor sobs at the gate offers my black hands the farm. The intruders running out of ideas left quite unexpectedly. 'What would my ancestors think? ' I asked.

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Just As I Am

As I walk across The sandy beach, To freeze my mind, lately of events not suitable.

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