Sunil D'pudi

Sunil D'pudi Poems

1. The Scent 7/30/2005
2. Wings 7/30/2005
3. Foreplay 7/30/2005
4. Claws 7/31/2005
5. The Devil's Whisper 7/31/2005
6. Tears 7/31/2005
7. The Morning Star 7/31/2005
8. War And Peace 7/31/2005
9. An Artist In A Park 8/2/2005
10. Soul Trade 8/2/2005
11. Black 8/2/2005
12. Company Of A Stranger 8/2/2005
13. Voice Of Innocence 8/2/2005
14. Penance 8/2/2005
15. Words 8/2/2005
16. The Theory Of What Is Left 8/2/2005
17. Animals 8/2/2005
18. Necropolis 8/2/2005
19. Why The Caged Bird Doesn'T Sing 8/2/2005
20. Slice Of Life 8/2/2005
21. Wave-Length 8/2/2005
22. Snow Flakes 7/31/2005
23. The Romance Of Words 7/31/2005
24. The Romance Of Words - 2 7/31/2005
25. The Kitchen Knife 7/31/2005

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Best Poem of Sunil D'pudi

The Kitchen Knife

I rip the stomach open
With a sharp stab.
One strike into her rib cage
And another into her spine;
She falls dead.
Death, beautifully executed by paralytic pangs.
The red smudge
Spoils my steely shine.
I enjoy my role
In the solo show,
But in a matter of seconds
The situation turns stagnant.

The murderer, her paramour,
The truth and breath in me.
Just three blocks away
From the house of adultery,
He throws me
Into a thick growth of thorny weeds.

The forensic experts
Miss the biggest clue in me.
Me - the ...

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From pillar to pillar
I chase the delights
Through the net of her adult measures.

She throws her weight
To the swing of my extended arms.
The first moment of revelation
Is untouched
By yesterday's sunshine.

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