sunnetra basu

Rookie (08/06/1981)

Biography of sunnetra basu

Sunnetra belongs to the world of harmonious madness but a sensible listener with bundles of contradiction. She studied English Literature from Calcutta University and subsequently earned Master’s Degree in Human Resource Management from University of Wales. Currently employed as a Talent Acquisition Specialist with a management company.
Most of her works spring from personal thoughts and predominantly she writes in Bengali. But English being an international language she feels that her works should spread out to large scale of readers. She believes that her self-image is that of a cosmopolitan who is no less an insider than a long-term resident. In her poems we hear the unhesitant, unambiguous voice of a poet with a strong message.
More than an ardent reader, she is an avid daydreamer. She feels that there are perhaps two windows within that stay open and shut at different times. She lives with the two by trying not to think too much about the disjunction between them.
The poet has, never felt dislocated from her roots, never agonized over East and West culture.
Home, for her, is in the mind. It’s a secure place, despite the chasms of memory. Apart from scribbling thoughts, she shares interest in travelling, cooking & social networking. Admires writings of Pablo Neruda, Elizabeth Barret Browning, Romantic poet of 19th century, John Keats and Andrew Marvel, the metaphysical poet., Nirmalendu Goon, Shakti Chattopadhyay, Shakti Chattopadhyay, Kabita Singha, Joy Goswami & Yashodhara Roy Chowdhury. Updates

Dining Alone

A table for one please waiter
For I'm here on my own
If I'd known he wasn't coming
I would have stayed at home

A table by the window
Yes that would be just fine
One knife, one fork, one spoon
And just one glass of wine

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