Sunny Ezeokafor Nathan

Biography of Sunny Ezeokafor Nathan

Sunny Ezeokafor is a self taught poet, who began writing since 2003 from High school.
After acquiring some writing skill from studying Literature in English as a subject in high school, then began to write in few poetry competition locally.
Sunny Ezeokafor lives in South Africa currently where he is putting together a selection of his own poetry called 'Portrait of Love&Chants from Africa.
Sunny Ezeokafor writes poetry in areas of life, Love, nature and Society. Updates

So You Are

So you are;
Like those images from the Old Testament,
Maybe crystal alike.
But when you pray, give thanks and-
Don’t ask for an angel,
Because you are; one of the heavenly body.
Living amongst us, walking our roads; dining amongst us-
Yet we knew it not.
But today you have been seen by the eyeball of my pen,

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