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121. Be Like A River Flowing 6/8/2016
122. Where Love Is Found, 6/8/2016
123. Forgiveness Is A Path Leading To Heaven 6/8/2016
124. In Love's Ecstasy 6/8/2016
125. Conversation 6/10/2016
126. Trust And Respect Equals Love 6/10/2016
127. Honesty Is Beautiful 6/10/2016
128. Manipulation 6/10/2016
129. A Beautiful Heart 6/10/2016
130. Just Listening To The Song Of The Night 6/10/2016
131. With Love 6/11/2016
132. Lost And Found 6/11/2016
133. Alone With My Thoughts.. 6/11/2016
134. A Silken Dream Of Dreams 6/11/2016
135. Deception 6/11/2016
136. Tomorrow 6/12/2016
137. Metamorphosis ★ A Super Hero 6/12/2016
138. Carcinogen 6/13/2016
139. Chris G. Vaillancourt ★ A Super Special Poet And One Of The Very Best! 6/14/2016
140. Silky Carefree Abandon 6/14/2016
141. Honestly Pain Scares Me 6/14/2016
142. A Sweet Sultry Song Of Love 6/15/2016
143. Your Kiss, 6/15/2016
144. Darling, 6/15/2016
145. In The Name Of Religion They Cry 6/19/2016
146. Love Is Happiness 6/21/2016
147. Summer Love 6/21/2016
148. The Secret Of Happiness Is Love 6/22/2016
149. Cheers Strawberry Moon 6/22/2016
150. Infinitely And Forever 6/23/2016
151. A Cherry Blossom 6/23/2016
152. A Perfect Love 6/23/2016
153. A Most Beautiful Thing Of Love 6/23/2016
154. Holding Onto Poetry 6/23/2016
155. Each Day, A Special Day 6/23/2016
156. Goodnight Firefly 6/23/2016
157. Tomorrow Will Be A Beautiful Day 6/23/2016
158. Lost In A Dream Of Love 6/24/2016
159. Love Can Run Depression Away 6/24/2016
160. Location 6/24/2016

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Best Poem of Sunprincess

O' Silvery Moon

o' silvery moon,
from where did you come
you shine your light upon us
a reflection of the sun!

o' silvery moon,
so serene and so bright
you're warm sweet smile
is lighting up our night!

o' silvery moon,
until life's golden end
you visit us every night
you are a loyal friend!

o' silvery moon,
you twirling we love to see
the sky is your ballroom
and you dance so gracefully!

o' silvery moon,
always looking for romance
I know where love is
it's found in paris, france!

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On a shore of silken powdery sand
I stand beside him
for he has carried me here
...from our home planet
On this voyage he has brought me
...past the moon
...and beyond the stars
He smiled and said, come love
I will show you a new world
I will make all your dreams come true!

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