Sunprincess Poems

241. April Is My Favorite Month 4/2/2016
242. World Penguin Day 25th Of April 4/26/2016
243. Achieving The Impossible 4/27/2016
244. U 4/27/2016
245. Swashbuckler 4/27/2016
246. Protégé 4/27/2016
247. Sweet Honeybee 4/27/2016
248. Words Of Beauty Like A Dream 4/27/2016
249. Love Is All About Happiness 5/3/2016
250. Whenever I See Him 5/4/2016
251. You And Me 5/4/2016
252. My Only Wish 5/4/2016
253. Wilderness 5/4/2016
254. A Species Born Of Love 7/18/2016
255. Mr. President, 8/18/2016
256. October 10/17/2016
257. Lovely 11/4/2016
258. Cashmere Nights 11/4/2016
259. I Love You, Too 11/6/2016
260. A Treasure 5/7/2016
261. Handsome Men In Red Coats 5/7/2016
262. Love And Family 12/25/2016
263. An Angel 12/25/2016
264. A Winter's Kiss 12/25/2016
265. A Christmas Candy Bowl 12/26/2016
266. June 12/29/2016
267. The Meaning Of Spring 1/10/2017
268. A Beautiful World 1/10/2017
269. So Confusing 1/20/2017
270. Captured By A Raindrop 4/4/2017
271. The Star Closest To Earth (Haiku) 4/4/2017
272. Star-Lovers (Haiku) 4/4/2017
273. A Diamond Heart (Haiku) 4/4/2017
274. He Is A Diamond (Haiku) 4/4/2017
275. April 3/7/2015
276. Family 3/8/2015
277. It Was On A Most Beautiful Day! 3/3/2015
278. I Shall Be Dreaming Of You 7/3/2015
279. Mountains 8/12/2015
280. Childhood Dreams I 7/26/2015
Best Poem of Sunprincess

O' Silvery Moon

o' silvery moon,
from where did you come
you shine your light upon us
a reflection of the sun!

o' silvery moon,
so serene and so bright
you're warm sweet smile
is lighting up our night!

o' silvery moon,
until life's golden end
you visit us every night
you are a loyal friend!

o' silvery moon,
you twirling we love to see
the sky is your ballroom
and you dance so gracefully!

o' silvery moon,
always looking for romance
I know where love is
it's found in paris, france!

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A Mermaid's Fantasy

a beautiful mermaid was lost in a silken fantasy of love
she played and swam in the ocean blue
she loved to float and flap her tail creating a big splash
floating farther and farther away from land
she dreamed of the prince who lives in a bejeweled castle
a most gorgeous prince who is in love with a princess
she is the princess of the sun who is most beautiful
to her dolphin friends the mermaid confessed
we are from two different worlds he and I, she cried

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