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Biography of supratim chaliha

Hi! ! This is Supratim. I belong to the Northeastern part of the Indian subcontinent.
My hobbies are listening music(I m a versatile music listener, writing poems, net surfing etc. I like gossiping and giggling with my friends! !
There are only a few poems of mine in this site. Most of my poems are in..
Nothing much to say! ! Enjoy your life to your fullest and enjoy poetry! ! ! ! !

Religious Glamour

Glamour, glamour wherever I look
Glamour of appearance and glamour of gold,
But seen for the first time a glamour so old
This is the glamour of religion and soul.

Majestic verses grins their teeth
In each page that I turn,
Swings on a flowery swing
Singing of the Supersoul and the virtues divine!

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