supriya saxena

Rookie (09-11-1986 / delhi)

Biography of supriya saxena

I like writing my perception and beliefs and things happened to my friends and me, believe me if i have learnt things which are amazing in my all because i have seen people falling on their asses.i am not wise and i certainely won't say that i don't make mistakes, i do, but i never regret on it and nor should u, my book of stupidities will always be open for you to live and laugh.Hope you hav great time with me. Updates

You Are My Girl

“You are my girl”,
I remembered how you smiled and said
When I was afraid to step in a jet plane,
How many times we used to fight cause
I couldn't put your socks just right.
I loved watching u sleep and,
The way u said 'baby 1 more min please'.
I loved the faces u made
When every time I kissed your face.

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