suresh bhandari

Rookie (butwal, nepal)

Biography of suresh bhandari

suresh bhandari is eldest son of babulal bhandari and sabitra bhandari.he was born in nepal, country of himalayas.he wrote poems from his childhood conveying a nostalgic and alfathic tone of mother nature, his country, a dream a man sees, social dissatifaction, inequality, injustice and pain in different way.

He hopes with his imaginable power he can atleat create a situation where people would come to know how powerful is a langaugae of words. Updates


dearth of my fathom
today, sorry,
its exacerbate due to yours law of motion
being a destitute up and
demur with centripetal
i examine
them as a power of centrifugal
good luck to newton
and good night to r.millikan

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