Survivor48 Survivor48

Rookie (09/25/1982 / New York City)

Biography of Survivor48 Survivor48

Since I was a child, I have been labeled as a failure by many people because I was a deviant and feeble-mined person. I had terrible teachers who despised by saying that I’ll work at a fast food restaurant for my entire life. People who loathe me said that I will become a bum when I evolve into an adult. Instead of executing vicious vengeance for their naive statements, I decided to perform virtuous revenge by becoming a prosperous individual; unfortunately, I had to endure rigorous adversities to achieve my objective. I had been suffering from severe psychological disorders since childhood. I had been suffering from Intermittent Explosive Impulse-Control disorder since I was a child. When I became a teenager, I started to struggle from depressed emotions because I developed Bipolar disorder. I became a pathetic alcoholic when I was seventeen years-old. At age twenty, three anxiety disorders– known as Generalized Anxiety disorder, Panic disorder, and Social Anxiety disorder– has led me to becoming disabled because I couldn’t sustain a normal life in society. Because of my psychological disorders, I had committed many unrighteous acts which I regret tremendously. Presently, I am proud to say that I’m the exact opposite of a cruel person because I no longer express aggressiveness, and I am finally a happy person who is prospering each day.

Survivor48 Survivor48's Works:

The Rough Journey of Survival. Updates

Abnormal Journey

There are moments when I feel I am walking a lonely path.

My mind travels from reality to an unknown place.

I am considered abnormal when my mind is in a distant land.

I fear this state of mind as I struggle to get back to sanity.

When I return to earth, my mind is as sharp as a knife.

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